J’s Bakery was born from a passion for baking and a love for all things sweet. “Named after my daughters, Jude and Jenna, J’s Bakery originally started as a successful home based business in 2005. After three years of R&D on family and friends, we opened our doors for business in our Surra location in October 2008. The goal was to create a neighborhood bakery that serves wholesome, lighter versions of everyone’s favorite baked goods,

desserts and treats, and that became the J’s Bakery’s mission. I wanted people to feel a sense of nostalgia and a guilt free pleasure when enjoying our updated twist on some childhood favorites. I wanted to offer treats the the whole family enjoyed.”

After 10 years, J's has expanded and we are happy to announce the opening of J's Bakery & Cafe at Vibes Food Complex at Abu Al-Hasaniya.

Dana Ali Al-Shamlan

about us

J’s Bakery specializes in wholesome baked goods, providing customers with healthier versions of their favorite treats. We offer vegan and gluten free, Keto and low carb options. As well as a growing selection of fit food that are high protein and are grain and refined sugar free.

We currently supply several restaurants and cafes locally and are always looking to expand the wholesale business

throughout Kuwait, to provide health conscious consumers with more wholesome options. We also offer customized cookies, cakes and treats for special events and corporate giveaways.

At J’s Bakery we truly believe our food tastes good, feels good and looks good.

Surra - Location

J’s Bakery
Surra, Area 6 Street 11 Mubarak Center

6634 6446

Vibes - Abu Al Hassaniya - Location

Vibes Complex
Abdulaziz Bin Abdulrahman Al Saud Rd 30, Abu Al Hassaniya, Abu Fatira 51410, Kuwait


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