About Us

Our Story

J’s Bakery was born from my love for sweets and passion for baking.
Personally, I can live on baked goods all day, every day. I didn’t want to limit my treats to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Since I couldn’t find wholesome options, I made them myself, for my family, my friends, and for you!
Initially I started a home-bakery (early 2006), then moved to our first store (Surra, October 2008), and later expanded to a second store (Abu Al-Hasaniya, January 2019). In 2022 we moved our production facility from Abu Hasaniya to Kuwait City. We are excited to continue growing locally and internationally.


Dana Ali Al-Shamlan


To serve the world love and joy, one treat at a time.


To produce and serve wholesome treats that look good, taste good, and feel good.


Trust – Integrity – Quality – Transparency – Wellbeing

What Makes Us Different

At J’s we pride ourselves for having something good for everyone, and being transparent in all we do, from the ingredients in our products to the nutritional information on our packaging.

Our true commitment to quality: We are HACCP certified.

This international certification further underlines our strong commitement to producing high-quality treats and protecting our esteemed customers from undesirable food-related health risks via strict regulations on food safety and hygiene.



ISO 22000

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